September 2018

Feature Month

Influenced by some of our favourite things. Each month we highlight a favourite dish, drink and wine plus what inspires us in music, fashion and art.



Owen Latta is one of the most exciting young winemakers on the planet. The 2016 Rosso ‘Terzini Blend’ is the second collaboration we have bottled with him. For the ‘Terzini Blends’ we are only working directly with growers who farm sustainably with little or no additions and without the use of chemicals in the vineyard.

This means the wine in the bottle is organically grown fermented grapes, nothing else. When it comes to food and wine matching, few things resonate like pizza and red wine and this Latta bottling is perfect spring drinking…. maybe even throw in a cube of ice as the weather warms.



Every culture does fried food, but Italians do it especially well. The concept of Fritto Misto (mixed fried things) can apply to vegetables, fish or meat. Here, with a beautiful assortment of Prawns, Calamari, Fish Fillet & Zucchini, the only requirement is that everything be spanking fresh. As it is in Italy, Fritto Misto is nearly always served as a first course. It is especially nice in bite-size pieces, to precede a meal. Eat it fast, share it with your friends and enjoy!!


‘The Bellini’ began as a seasonal drink at the much-venerated Harry’s Bar in Venice and was created by the legendary Giuseppe Cipriani who named it after local artist Giovanni Bellini. A blend of white peach and Prosecco, the simple spritz has become a favourite across the globe and has never gone out of fashion since it was first mixed at Harry’s.

25ml Peach Purée
30ml Prosecco added stirred poured in glass
Topped with Prosecco



Japanese brand Blackmean was brought together by a shared love of motorcycle culture and punk music. It was founded by trio Yujiro Komatsu, Masatomo Ariga and Takatomo Ariga in 2008 creating collections combining various inspirations within hardcore punk/post anarchism, culture, radical design and craftmanship. This underground design collective evolved into an internationally recognised brand which now has a cult following with their hand-done innovative techniques.

Yujiro said “My definition of punk would be the assertion to make the world better. Punk is a reaction against the social and situation around us. It’s an attitude that’s able to adjust and has brought so much to fashion and music. For me, punk gives me courage and hope”.



The music world’s prime disco big band during the late 70s, the Salsoul Orchestra recorded several of the tightest, chunkiest disco themes of the decade, both on its own productions and as the backing group for several prime vocalists. Organised by Vincent Montana Jr in 1974, the band was an experiment in fusing funk, Philly soul and Latin music together in a highly danceable discofied style with plenty of room for solos by individual members.

The orchestra was formed in 1974, ran for eight successful years and at their height consisted of 50 members many of whom were also original members of the famed band MFSB. While their sound drifted into the background in the wake of disco music’s explosion and rapid commercialisation, the Salsoul Orchestra had a heavy influence on house music in the 1980s and even the return of the disco-inspired electronica during the following decade.



Late Night Pizza + Disco


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