October 2017

Feature Month

Da Orazio highlights our favourite dishes, drinks and what’s happening in music, fashion and art monthly.


No 264 Tanqueray Gin, Campari. Lemon, Bergamot Tonic Syrup

A deliciously bitter sweet and refreshing combination with a house made Bergamot, Rosemary and Juniper Tonic. The Cinchona in the tonic matches beautifully with the Campari and when the Juniper notes combine with the gin it’s bought to life to give us a low alcohol spritz that is perfect before dinner.

15mls Tanqueray Gin
15mls Campari
20mls Lemon
15mls Bergamot Tonic Syrup

Method: Build in the glass over cubed ice and top with soda or Prosecco
Garnish: A slice of Lemon + Orange


Spicy Meatball with Mafaldine, Parmesan & Fennel

Looking towards the classics we all love and constantly crave has become an important part of our new menu @DOPP. This dish fits that perfectly. Good quality fresh pasta, hand rolled meatballs, rich tomato sugo that’s been spiked with chilli and of course proper Parmesan!


Touch Sensitive, Sydney’s original Pizza Guy with a love of Italo Disco is a man after our hearts. The Future Classic artist hasn’t been able to put a foot wrong with his ultra synth drenched, bass lead summery low-slung house jams. Back with a debut album and a fresh single “Lay Down”, which is one of our favourites, he has just finished playing at Listen Out nationwide. His album “Visions” is out now and is already considered an instant classic.


Ska and Rude Boys – Jamaican Subculture

The rude boys and rude girls were a look which fans of the Jamaican two tone music scene adopted in the late 60’s and early 70’s. It evolved into the Ska music scene. The look was a mix of British skin head and LA backyard punk. Sharp suits, hats and shiny shoes.

Late Night Pizza + Disco

Join us on Friday nights for Late Night Pizza + Disco with our favourite residents from 7pm.


Da Orazio is available to hire exclusively for Melbourne Cup lunch. To find out more details please contact events@daorazio.com.



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