March 2018

Feature Month – Campania

Influenced by some of our favourite regions, each month we highlight a favourite dish, drink and wine plus what inspires us in music, fashion and art.


Campania is renowned for its Limoncello. So this month we’ve decided to make some of our own. We have sourced the best lemons available from our market, removed the zest and let them steep in pure grain alcohol for a few weeks to allow the infusion to get as much flavour from the fruit as is possible. Then according to bar manager Luigi’s Nona’s recipe, we mix the infusion with a blend of sugar syrup to balance the flavour.

We make a traditional Italiano Digestivo called a Sgroppino, where we combine our Limoncello with gelato and Prosecco to produce a refreshing pseudo drink/dessert to leave you feeling refreshed and with a cleansed palate.

Combine 10mls of vodka, 20mls of limoncello and 60mls Prosecco with a scoop of lemon gelato, whisk into a smooth mixture and serve in a coupette or champagne flute.


This pizza showcases two products which are widely loved in Campania. The greens are called Friarielli and are grown across Campania on the rich, volcanic soil. Sausage is typically used in many foods from panino to pasta and especially pizza. Salsiccia and Friarielli are a match made in heaven. Forza Campania!


The Cantina Giardino ‘Terzini Anfora’ is 100 percent fermented grapes, nothing added, from organic vineyards in Campania. It was bottled specifically for us under the ‘Terzini Anfora’ label from a single Anfora (clay vessel). It’s a Rosato or Rose made from Aglianico grapes, it drinks like a light red and has wonderful fresh acidity that is indicative of the vibrant wines made traditionally by Cantina Giardino.


As a venue with disco in its heart we can’t look past this seminal New York DJ.  A legendary inspiration for decades on decades of DJs and music lovers, Levan held a 10 year residency through the late 70s and 80’s at the Paradise Garage (NYC) a disco mecca commonly referred to as the prototype of modern clubbing.  This DJ and club were responsible for turning songs from that period into certified hits and our music hero – who sadly passed away in 1992 at the young age of 38. He had an emotive way of playing records that no one has really ever come close to since.


Late Night Pizza + Disco


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