June 2018

Feature Month – Emilia Romagna

Influenced by some of our favourite regions, each month we highlight a favourite dish, drink and wine plus what inspires us in music, fashion and art.


No. 211
Tanqueray Gin, Basil, Lemon, House Made Bergamot Tonic, Lambrusco

For this libation we have shaken some fresh basil with a generous measure of Gin then combined it with some lemon and a house made Bergamot tonic syrup. This is then poured over ice and layered with a vibrant red Lambrusco, garnished with a basil leaf and a raspberry filled with balsamic vinegar. The garnish is to be eaten after a mouthful of the drink to both compliment and contrast the myriad of flavours.

30ml Tanqueray Gin
15ml Lemon
20ml Bergamot Syrup
5 Basil Leaves

Method: Shaken, double strained & served over ice, topped with Lambrusco (the Lambrusco will layer a two tone finish to the visage, light green & dark red)

Garnish: A balsamic filled raspberry & basil leaf



This Pizza is all about the Mortazza, aka Mortadella, which originated in Bologna, the capital of Emilia-Romagna.

Mortadella Bologna is one of the true heroes of any salumi cabinet. Creamy, seasoned and melt in the mouth goodness.

It’s ancient origins date back to Roman times: the name derives from Mortarium, ‘mortar bowl’, the instrument used by the forefathers to grind the pork meat. Mortadella is held so dear to the heart that it has Protected Geographical Indication Status under European Union law.

Our version of this classic pizza has ricotta, smoked mozzarella, shaved blankets of mortadella and pistachios.


15 Monte Delle Vigne Lambrusco_Emilia
Lambrusco is one of the world’s most underrated wines. Monte Delle Vigne is a juicy fresh example of Emilia-Romagna’s stunning sparkling reds. A wine that absolutely screams for pizza.


Ten Pieces busts open the door of the ‘Rude Club’ for their MBFW resort 18 collection. Combining their signature casual luxe aesthetic with highlights of punk and ska. The brands roots in musical subculture are prevalent throughout.

Buffalo girls come round the outside, while the specials lay down the beat. 100% Australian merino wool suits sit alongside silk dresses, and oversized green coats effortlessly allowing pieces to be interchangeable from rude boy to rude girl.

The brands staple monochrome palette has been highlighted with acid yellows and emerald green. Prints from Shanghai based photographer Robert Nilsson adds a graphic element to a selection of garments to round out the offering.

Welcome to the Rude Club!


Arthur Russell

Everyone has a different entry point into Arthur Russell’s far-reaching and obscure body of work, so disco may not be the first thing that you associate with him. He’s one of the most exciting and unique musical voices of the last century and his gifts were extraordinary. His works spanned mutant disco, minimalist composition, introverted pieces for voice and cello all bathed in echo and propulsive yet delicate pop music.

The leftfield disco he produced under various pseudonyms and with a variety of collaborators – see Dinosaur L, Loose Joints, Felix and Killer Whale – had a unique sense of rhythm and groove that found its way into the New York clubs at the exact same time gay liberation swept the scene. He was loved for being a maverick and left a very weird and wonderful mark on the history of disco.


Late Night Pizza + Disco


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