July 2018

Feature Month – Piemonte

Influenced by some of our favourite regions, each month we highlight a favourite dish, drink and wine plus what inspires us in music, fashion and art.


2017 Carussin Barbera, Piemonte Italy

Piemonte may be renowned for Nebbiolo but Barbera another of Piemonte indigenous grapes is definitely worth exploring. We tasted through hundreds of wines before finding this remarkable bio-dynamically farmed minimal intervention Barbera. Low in tannin and juicy, this is such a fantastic food wine that really overdelivers.



Rosso Vermouth, Carpano Antica Formula

In the year 1786 Giuseppe B Carpano invented the original Rosso Vermouth, Carpano Antica Formula, in Turin Italy. It is still made today to the same recipe.

Whilst this recipe remains a closely guarded secret, it presents with a rich nose of vanilla with hints of citrus, almonds, raisins and is the base of many classic cocktails such as the Negroni, Manhattan and the Martinez.

Recommended to be serve either pre or post dinner.

30mls Carpano Antica Formula
Served over ice
Garnish with an orange slice


Vitello Tonnato

For me this dish is a hero, of not only Piemontese cuisine, but of all Italian classics. It’s absolutely delicious and speaks clearly of the famed northern region of Italy. For us the excitement around dishes like this is also to do with the produce, both in excellence and responsibility. We use Torello Rose Veal which is a triumph of responsible farming, respect and care for the animals in a way rarely seen. Paired with tuna trim which we carefully reserve and confit for our sauce, instead of discarding. If it wasn’t for a commitment to handling food with so much love this dish wouldn’t even exist.


The Bomber jacket also known as the Flight jacket traces back to military roots from American bomber pilots in WWI. In the late 1960s to 1980s, the Bomber jacket style became popular with the non-military subcultures of the punk and skinhead movement.  More recently the Bomber jacket has become a high set fashion piece both fashionable and versatile amongst many of the top designers around the world.

Images by Ten Pieces of Limited Edition Bomber Jackets



Iconic disco superstars Boney M. were not only the disco cult band of the 70s and 80s but remain a living legend of the entire disco era. A Euro-Caribbean vocal group created by German record producer Frank Farian, they were originally based in West Germany, but the members hailed from sunnier parts of the world including Jamaica, Montserrat and Aruba. Farian began producing music alone but due to his lack of vocal range and stage presence quickly realised he would need to hire performers to front the group for TV appearances and concerts. The original members were Liz Mitchell, Marcia Barrett, Maizie Williams and the late Bobby Farrell. The group grew immensely popular during the disco era of the late 1970s for their catchy pop rhythms, their maximum energy live shows and their hits such as Rivers of Babylon and Daddy Cool, which sat in Britain’s number one spot for five weeks in 1978.

Surviving members of Boney M. are still touring the world to this day, selling out arenas and concert halls to much acclaim.


Late Night Pizza + Disco


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