December 2017

Feature Month

Each month we highlight a favourite dish and drink plus what inspires us in music, fashion and art.


2016 Cantina Giardino, ‘Anfora Terzini’ Campania Italia.

This single amphora Aglianico was chosen to go under our Terzini label with summer drinking in mind. Although it’s a rosato/rosé style, it drinks like a light red, is made without any additives and is perfect with Pizza. One of the most exciting wine projects we have been involved with and made by one of Italy’s most sought-after producers. Drinking chilled red wine in summer is a ‘thing’ when it’s made like this and we’re excited to have this wine on our list this summer. Only available in Magnum.


Porchetta Vibes
From the very beginning Porchetta has been a hero dish here at DOPP. The pigs are sourced by Vics Meats from the Western Table Lands. De-boning the pig, marinating in Salmoriglio and spending hours basting it whilst roasting, highlights the simplicity of the dish and allows the pork to be the star. This latest incarnation brings the dish into summer with a Caper & Orange Vinaigrette, Crispy Crackling and Radicchio making it a light dish perfect for sharing.


Gwen Guthrie will stand the test of time as one of the leading ladies in disco. With soul drenched releases such as ‘Seventh Heaven’, she effortlessly created instant classics that are still filling dance floors today. As a disco powerhouse in the 1980’s she quickly grew famous for her explosive vocals in collaboration with Jamaican rhythm section and production duo, Sly and Robbie. Together they swept the disco world with releases such as ‘Peanut butter’ and ‘Padlock’. Gwen is a classic for a reason, it’s about time you found out why!  You can bet she loves her peanut butter nice and smooth.


This month we are looking at the photographs of Rennie Ellis who documented Australian culture capturing subjects such as street art, parties and politics. His photos reflect the energy and essence of Australian personalities and the worlds they lived in. The fashion styles of his subjects are cool, iconic and are referenced in our designs.

Late Night Pizza + Disco


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