August 2017

Feature Month

Da Orazio highlights our favourite dishes, drinks and what’s happening in music, fashion and art monthly.




Cropped No. 261

No 261 Contratto Bitter, Punt E Mes, Soda, Orange

The No 261 is our variation on the classic Americano cocktail. Here we have substituted Campari for another Italian aperitivo, the Contratto Bitter. We have combined this with Carpano Punt E Mes Rosso Vermouth then topped with soda, and garnished with a slice of orange to create “arguably” the best pre-dinner drink ever created. This is the precursor to the Negroni.


30mls Contratto Bitter Aperitivo
30mls Carpano Punt e Mes Rosso Vermouth
Method: Build these ingredients in a tall glass over cubed ice, topped with Soda
Garnish: Slice of orange


Risotto Milanese

Risotto Milanese

An example of our approach to classic Italian food, firmly rooted in Australia.

Our version uses local Tasmanian saffron and Koshihikari Randall Family Organic Rice from central NSW. We lighten and freshen the dish to suit the weather with lemon thyme and heaps of herbs in the bone marrow dressing.


Terzini BArrel Image

Latta Vino Terzini Barrel Nebbiolo

This is a fun project with winemaker Owen Latta. We wanted a wine that was made without additives, just fermented grapes bottled but that also reflected the region and the person who made it. Quality is a given. It’s the first of the Terzini Barrel projects to hit the list so expect to see more from producers both in Australia and Italy. They will be wines made by farmers who work sustainably and that are made without additives and flavourings.


Simon Davidson Image

Simon Davidson new art coming soon…

With Simon’s Burnout series, he recognises beauty where it’s not immediately obvious. He finds expression in a car spinning its rear wheels with the single purpose of destruction. His images are superbly composed contemplations of the moment. Slices in time that hold the gaze with car, driver and movement balanced in an ideal expression of a sublime modernity.

”A car is not simply something to get from one place to another but a statement of identity, a commentary on not just who you are but who you aspire to be.” Simon Davidson



Few DJs can claim to have had such a lasting impact as Daniele Baldelli. Throughout the ’70s and into the ’80s he was an instrumental figure in the development of the curious Italian sound known as Afro/cosmic music, or “cosmic disco” as it’s known today. His residencies at Italy’s Baia Degli Angeli and Cosmic clubs are the stuff of dance music legend, and mixtapes of his wild multi-genre sets are obsessed over by eager fans and internet trainspotters alike. His unique techniques and off-the-wall selections continue to be a bench mark for deejays today.


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